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Camille Goddess.jpg

8X10 Colour Film 

Model: Instagram @Camille_rslater 

Location: Scrim's Florist Shop Ottawa

Supernatural Women began as a personal journey to understanding my own power within womanhood. I wanted to connect with other women and build an opportunity to see, hear and feel things from experiences outside of myself. In the past I often looked to Morrigan Le Faye, the Celtic Goddess of war and love, for my strength. Having her by my side pulled me out of some of the darkest places I never thought I'd escape from. I soon felt as though in my core that I carried the soul of Morrigan and that I was a Celtic Warrior Goddess living in the flesh of an earthly mortal. I am still me, of course, but with the energy and the power I lacked for many years. 

Morrigan has been known to reach out to women who need her the most. She doesn't necessarily save them, but merely reminds them who they already are and the natural power that lays within them. With all of her energy flowing through me it only made sense that other women were as supernatural as our mythological goddess warriors we read about and look to today. 

Each woman who sat for this project was originally going to represent known Goddesses such as; Lakshmi, Tara, Oya, Athena, and so on... But as I sat with each individual woman and spoke with them I realized they were their own Goddess, and they needed to be represented as themselves. 

Supernatural Women is an ongoing project that will soon be on display in exhibition. Date TBA

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