Welcome to my Fundraiser! 

I was accepted into the Master of Fine Arts Program at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. I will be attending in September of 2022 and I am so excited and can't wait to further my skills and career within the art's world! 

This is such an amazing opportunity and adventure and want to make sure I make the most of it while I am there. I need to raise enough funds to pay for my flight, the student visa application, shipping my gear across the sea and for housing while I am there, not to mention school fee's and supplies. I want you to know I work two full time jobs and am doing my best to make money in every way possible by selling prints, making custom work for clients, putting on classes and courses and so on... so this donation would help in more ways then I can even begin to describe! So thank you so much for your help making this next vital and big step towards my career possible. 

Love, Kate Roy